Martini Moment by Pine & Polk

It’s Friday, and it’s time for a well deserved cocktail (or two). It’s very exciting for us at Tenmile to have our lovingly made spirits appreciated and served by some of New York state’s best bars and restaurants. So we are bringing you an ongoing Friday series called “#tenmileinthewild”, sharing cocktails made by top bartenders, with their recipes and inspiration. Go enjoy them at these locations or just pick up some Sinpatch Vodka and Listening Rock Gin to make them yourself!

Our first #tenmileinthewild cocktail is the Martini Moment, a playful take on the Gibson created by Melissa Brooke, bartender at NYC’s Pine & Polk in West Soho.


2.5 oz Sinpatch Vodka
.5 oz Dry Vermouth


Stir ingredients in a mixing glass and strain into an ice cold martini glass.
Garnish with pickles,  lemon twist and a small bar spoon of your pickling brine.

“I am a lover of the Gibson, and so we created a more fun, dramatic version. I also love adding salt to traditionally clean cocktails. At Pine & Polk, we present all sorts of pickled vegetables and fruit in a jewelry box to make it beautiful, but you can use any pretty dish, and then put a layer of sea salt on it, and put your pickles on top of it. We prefer gooseberries, wax beans, tri-colored bell peppers, carrots & snap peas- and we garnish with an edible flower micro mix. You can pickle almost any seasonal vegetable and use it! Add those pickles to your cocktail, and enjoy.

We love working with Tenmile because they work with locally sourced ingredients. The vodka has an almost creamy texture which allows for a spirit forward cocktail to have a little more body. It’s a great vodka”. -Melissa Brooke


Photo cred: @ericmedsker

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