Tenmile Distillery Tour


Our location:
78 Sinpatch Road
Wassaic, New York 12592

Have a question? Email us info@tenmiledistillery.com

The singular purpose of Tenmile Distillery is to produce a world-class single malt whisky out of highest-quality local ingredients through the careful use of traditional methods and a fanatical attention to detail.  Therefore the goal of our tour is to give the whisky-drinking public as transparent and thorough a view of the exact ways in which we accomplish this, without burning anybody’s fingers.

We intend to show you as much as we possibly can of the operation and have built a massive glass wall around our stills, mash tun, fermenting tanks and heat exchangers so that we can describe as many parts of our process as you have the patience to hear about.

Tours will have some variation, the Friday 10am tour may include cask-filling, for example.  The two earliest tours on Thursday will take place during the stills’ hours of operation, while weekend tours have the potential to “go behind the glass” to describe the specifics of our spirit safe and receiver tank.

We are currently installing a door and some rope and stanchion to allow visitors to enter our warehouse and witness what a year and a half of whisky production looks, feels and smells like.  At the present time the tour is free, but this is a limited-time situation, so book early and often while we are still young!