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John Dyson’s Scottish heritage and his lifelong dedication to intelligent, best-in-class farming practices have driven us to make the finest traditional single malt using the best local New York State grains. Little Rest is the only whisky made in the US by a Scottish Master Distiller, Shane Fraser, using low and slow distilling methods. Come and see our Forsyths stills in Wassaic, NY and judge our work for yourself.

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We call our single malt Little Rest because of a steep hill near the distillery that in days past required an extra horse to pull a full cart uphill. A hamlet grew at the top of the hill so horses and drivers could have “a little rest.” We hope you will take a moment to enjoy our whisky and take a little rest with your friends and family.

Little Rest was first barreled in 2020 and will be released in 2023. We are intent on doing things the right way, by taking our time and using only the best ingredients. Our whisky is busy aging - in some Francois Freres barrels from Williams Selyem – and we think you will be delighted with the result.

Contact us to get on the Distillery “list” and purchase whisky that we are preselling now. We anticipate an initial limited run of first release bottles, and look forward to special cask offerings down the road. Come for a visit and you will taste our new make (right off the stills) as well as some of our 2 year old whisky.

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in Wassaic, New York

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The Process

Little Rest American Single Malt Whisky is made from 100% New York State grown barley. Although the farmers sometimes must change due to crop rotations, farm scheduling and the weather, we are dedicated to purchasing as much as possible from the Hudson Valley with Ken Migliorelli from Tivoli and the Kukon Brothers in Germantown being two of our favorites.

Starting in 2020, Tenmile Distillery immediately became the leading consumer of NYS-grown barley, purchasing 500,000 pounds of local barley which Dennis and Jeanette Nesel of Hudson Valley Malt in Germantown turned into 400,000 pounds of malt. From the careful sourcing of our raw materials, we proceed slowly and deliberately through our mashing-in and we pump slowly through our filter to produce a “clear wort” (a sugary, barley-water free of grain solids) which leads to a lighter, fruitier spirit.

We then ferment the wort for 7 days, adding a specialized yeast known for producing good flavors from malted barley and allowing it to gradually convert the sugar into alcohol over a long period of time in temperature-controlled fermenting tanks.

Gentle operation of Tenmile Distillery’s custom designed stills, under the guidance of Master Distiller Shane Fraser, is geared towards the production of a lighter, fruitier spirit. Tenmile’s upward-tilting Lyne Arms, observed in only a small fraction of distilleries, operate to increase reflux and copper contact. A single batch per day allows for air rests between distillations, encouraging more effective copper contact. Tenmile Distillery’s capacity is utilized to improve quality at every turn, rather than maximizing production. Our goal is to make the best spirit, from the best ingredients, with the best people.

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